Nothing in the trap yet, but other things are out there in Providence

I haven’t had any action on the new trap – nothing on the cameras and the trap hasn’t moved.  I still hear scratching behind the walls every day, especially in the kitchen and in the upstairs hallway.. I don’t know what it is but I hope the new trap will take care of it.

I’ve been spending more time outside the house, not just because of the warm Summer weather, but also to escape the scratching and the general feelings of malevolence that seem to permeate my house at times.  It seems that just leaving the house isn’t easing my mind any more, though; even out on my restorative walks I am still plagued by… things.

It is hard to explain what happens and how these things affect me. I was walking through Providence in the afternoon, watching the annual influx of college students begin.  I was actually watching license plates – a strange habit I get into at this time of year.  I had seen Texas, Arkansas, and had just watched a loaded pickup with Colorado plates turn a corner onto Angell street when I heard that terrible discordant hum fill the air, a bizarre piping that made the hairs on my arms and neck stand up as if it were a strong static electric field.  None of the others on the street seemed to notice, though one man did seem to look around concerned, as if he partially sensed the unnatural presence there on the street.

I walked a bit further, continuously scanning the street looking for whatever it was, and the sound was getting steadily louder, my unease growing as the volume increased.  Many times when I hear this I don’t see anything, it’s just that terrible, unnatural sound that fills my senses, but I knew today was different; I could feel it as the sound got into my thoughts, got under my skin.  It was a few minutes later when I first saw it…

 A Phantom?

A Phantom?

It was there by a wall, a darker shadow among the shadows.  It moved slowly, almost like a light sheet caught in a breeze, but it also moved in an alien way, something wholly unnatural sitting there in the natural setting of classic Providence.  It saw me, I’m sure of that – I don’t think I saw a face (not a face in the traditional sense), but I could feel it looking at me, staring at me with a malevolent curiosity as I looked at it with fearful trepidation.

I should have run.  Every part of me said ‘run’ as my senses were flooded with the unnatural and otherworldly energies of that shadowy ‘thing’, but I was fixed to the spot; not as much with fear as with some bizarre mental confusion, by which my mind just could not convince my body to move.

And then it was gone.   The sound was gone and the figure vanished as if it had never been there.  My mind cleared and the mundane world flooded back in; I saw a New Hampshire license plate pass by and then I was back in my skin, back to normalcy… I checked my phone and saw that I had taken a picture during the encounter, I could see the thing standing there in the shadows on the right, the only evidence that it had ever happened.

So what are these phantasms that show themselves so boldly in broad daylight?  Ghosts of the past?  Devils?  I feel like they are something else entirely, something we don’t really have a name for… some terrible ‘other’ that live alongside our reality and that, somehow, bleeds through in certain places in the streets of old Providence…  Something that I, for reasons unknown, am able to experience at random times.

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Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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