The Blood Moon

We put so much significance on the phase of the moon and the position of the stars. Even in our enlightened, scientific time, we recognize that there are things so infinite out there that learning just one of the secrets of the universe could elevate our species as a whole. 

Last night was one of those times, with all eyes upon the ‘blood moon eclipse’, and I must admit I was apprehensive about the event myself.  With so many strange things happening around me, I feared that this lunar occurrance would somehow trigger an escalation of events. I began imagining portals being opened, dark shadows encroaching upon my home, shrieks of terror and that horrible, discordant piping filling the air. I imagined terrible answers to all my unspoken questions; answers that would surely drive any sane man to madness. 

At sundown I began my preparations, re-enforcing certain sigils and symbols at my threshholds, burning certain herbs and lighting  candles of specific colors. I then retreated to my bedroom and, after drawing all the shades and re-checking my protective wards, I sat waiting. I would not sleep, no – so certain was I that something would happen, that this eclipse would trigger some sequence of terrible events, I refused to sleep. 

I watched the small red digital clock slowly chonicling the passage of time, one minute after the next. My ears were sharp, listeing for anything out of the ordinary, ready. As I sat and listened, though, I realized that maybe it was the quiet that was the true threat – there was no sound, no scratching, no creaking floorboards. Everything was just silent, barring my breathing and the occasional car passing by outside. 

 At midnight I felt that the danger had passed – the eclipse was complete and the moon returned to normal, after all, but then my mind begin to play tricks. What if that’s what they are waiting for? What if the eclipse was a catalyst to set things in motion, but those things would take more time to unfold? What if the things were there, in the dark, watching me with red-rimmed eyes, waiting anxiously for me to finally let down my guard and sleep. 

My eyes were burning from the effort of staying awake as I saw the first rays of morning sun begin to lighten the drawn shades. Still I sat, listening to my breathing, feeling eyes on me, feeling an unnatural chill that probably wasn’t there. My mind was in overdrive, all the shadows and shades and sounds and terrors of the past years all latching on and dragging down my rational thoughts like a drowning man lashing out and pulling down his rescuer. 

 My head is more clear now and it is obvious that nothing happened last night. The moon was just a rock floating through space, orbiting our somewhat larger rock as a shadow passed across it’s glowing face. This action was merely common astrophysics and, in the light of a new day, it is clear to me that the eclipse had no greater significance to whatever malevolence is out there in the darkness than any other night, than any other moon. Our comings and goings matter not to these beings – I have felt the terrible indifference myself, carried on black leathery wings through eons of dream.     

I will try to sleep now, for a short time at least. I hope that I do not dream. 



The dream came suddenly and my senses were jarred by the switch from black nothingness to waves of heat and a rancid smell.  I was barefoot on hot, rocky ground, and the sky was full of ash – I felt hot cinders bounce off my skin.  There were hints of high, discordant piping noises carried on the wind as it blew across my face, the sound making my skin crawl.

I walked towards a shadow, wavering in the heat, just at the edge of my vision.  I kept walking closer, but the shadow didn’t seem to be getting closer, it kept wavering just at the edge.   I walked and walked, the piping making my head hurt, the hot wind drying and stinging my eyes… Continue reading

New Trap Cam footage… but the trap cam was destroyed

It was early morning and I awoke from a dark, swirling dream of half-formed figures and terrifying sounds.  I awoke to a shrieking in the real world, a horrible, shrill sound that split the quiet of the pre-dawn morning.  My neighbor heard it – he was out getting the paper, I think – and was knocking on my door, asking if everything was all right.  I told him it was the tea kettle, but I could tell he didn’t believe me.  It didn’t sound anything like a tea kettle, but what else could I say?

Once I got rid of him I ran down to the basement where the shriek came from; I saw the camera first – it was smashed, in several pieces.  It looked like it was stepped on somehow, but by what I have no idea.  The rat trap was sprung and there was that horrible smelling green slime all over the place, there were boxes knocked over – something had happened, clearly, but I wasn’t sure what.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to know – I’m still not.

I thought the video chip in the camera was broken, but I was finally able to get it out of the camera and with a little fiddling, I got the video imported to my computer.  It breaks up at the end, but you can see something when it falls… something hairy and possibly covered with that slime, it’s hard to make out.  It isn’t a rat though – I’ve long given up on the idea that it’s rats in my walls…

Things are quiet, but not quiet

Things have been quiet, mostly – calm before the storm, perhaps.  I think it tries to convince me that I’m crazy, that I’m losing my mind – enough days without an… incident, and I start to think maybe it’s all in my head, maybe I’m making it all up.  I know it isn’t true, though – I know it’s all there.  I have the pictures, and the videos, and this blog… it catalogs everything, that’s why I do it. There are things here, in the blog, that I don’t really remember now -that is troubling, that I wrote things, took video of things and don’t remember them.   So much has happened though – it’s easy to understand why my memory would be a little off in places, right?

Something did happen, in the basement.  There was a shrieking, like a terrible shrieking sound early in the morning.  My neighbor heard it, came to knock on my door to see what was wrong – see, it isn’t just me.    I had to lie, I told him it was my old tea-kettle, but he wasn’t convinced – he was looking around my house, I could see his eyes, his judgement.  We used to be friends, Dave and I.  He always used to borrow my long ladder when he was putting up his Christmas lights.  He doesn’t look at me the same way now, though – not since it all started.  I can see it in his eyes, the fear of me.  He probably thinks it’s drugs – isn’t that what they always think?

Once he was gone I raced to the basement, but whatever happened was long over.  The big trap was sprung, but not damaged.  The trap cam on the other hand – that was damaged pretty heavily, it looks like maybe someone stepped on it?  And there was more of that green slime around the place.  I’m trying to recover the memory card from the camera now, but it’s jammed in there.  I’ll post whatever I find once I get it out, assuming the chip isn’t damaged and the video data is still intact.

The nights are getting longer, darkness encroaching into the realm of day, and I feel things in the shadows growing stronger.  I hear them whisper, hear the discordant piping.

Late Summer Heat…

It’s hard to keep my thoughts in order, things get so jumbled.  I found myself walking today, around College Hill..  I’m not sure how I got there, to be honest.  As I said – things get jumbled, confused.

I was walking and I know it was hot – a hot, humid day in the city, my skin clammy with sweat and prickling from the heat.  There was almost no breeze, I remember that.  I suddenly found myself in a deep shadow and stared up to see a huge brick tower, one of the great landmarks of Brown University.



I stood there, in that shadow.  I felt beads of sweat condense and roll down my back, icy cold in the heat.  I just stood there, I don’t know how long I stood there, but at some point…   I made it home just before dark, drenched in sweat and so thirsty I drank right from the faucet until I was lightheaded.  I know there are missing hours – like I said, I get confused sometimes, my thoughts get jumbled.

There was something about that tower.  It reminded me of something, but I just can’t remember what.  It’s so very hot out there…