Things are quiet, but not quiet

Things have been quiet, mostly – calm before the storm, perhaps.  I think it tries to convince me that I’m crazy, that I’m losing my mind – enough days without an… incident, and I start to think maybe it’s all in my head, maybe I’m making it all up.  I know it isn’t true, though – I know it’s all there.  I have the pictures, and the videos, and this blog… it catalogs everything, that’s why I do it. There are things here, in the blog, that I don’t really remember now -that is troubling, that I wrote things, took video of things and don’t remember them.   So much has happened though – it’s easy to understand why my memory would be a little off in places, right?

Something did happen, in the basement.  There was a shrieking, like a terrible shrieking sound early in the morning.  My neighbor heard it, came to knock on my door to see what was wrong – see, it isn’t just me.    I had to lie, I told him it was my old tea-kettle, but he wasn’t convinced – he was looking around my house, I could see his eyes, his judgement.  We used to be friends, Dave and I.  He always used to borrow my long ladder when he was putting up his Christmas lights.  He doesn’t look at me the same way now, though – not since it all started.  I can see it in his eyes, the fear of me.  He probably thinks it’s drugs – isn’t that what they always think?

Once he was gone I raced to the basement, but whatever happened was long over.  The big trap was sprung, but not damaged.  The trap cam on the other hand – that was damaged pretty heavily, it looks like maybe someone stepped on it?  And there was more of that green slime around the place.  I’m trying to recover the memory card from the camera now, but it’s jammed in there.  I’ll post whatever I find once I get it out, assuming the chip isn’t damaged and the video data is still intact.

The nights are getting longer, darkness encroaching into the realm of day, and I feel things in the shadows growing stronger.  I hear them whisper, hear the discordant piping.

About Chad

Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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