The Blood Moon

We put so much significance on the phase of the moon and the position of the stars. Even in our enlightened, scientific time, we recognize that there are things so infinite out there that learning just one of the secrets of the universe could elevate our species as a whole. 

Last night was one of those times, with all eyes upon the ‘blood moon eclipse’, and I must admit I was apprehensive about the event myself.  With so many strange things happening around me, I feared that this lunar occurrance would somehow trigger an escalation of events. I began imagining portals being opened, dark shadows encroaching upon my home, shrieks of terror and that horrible, discordant piping filling the air. I imagined terrible answers to all my unspoken questions; answers that would surely drive any sane man to madness. 

At sundown I began my preparations, re-enforcing certain sigils and symbols at my threshholds, burning certain herbs and lighting  candles of specific colors. I then retreated to my bedroom and, after drawing all the shades and re-checking my protective wards, I sat waiting. I would not sleep, no – so certain was I that something would happen, that this eclipse would trigger some sequence of terrible events, I refused to sleep. 

I watched the small red digital clock slowly chonicling the passage of time, one minute after the next. My ears were sharp, listeing for anything out of the ordinary, ready. As I sat and listened, though, I realized that maybe it was the quiet that was the true threat – there was no sound, no scratching, no creaking floorboards. Everything was just silent, barring my breathing and the occasional car passing by outside. 

 At midnight I felt that the danger had passed – the eclipse was complete and the moon returned to normal, after all, but then my mind begin to play tricks. What if that’s what they are waiting for? What if the eclipse was a catalyst to set things in motion, but those things would take more time to unfold? What if the things were there, in the dark, watching me with red-rimmed eyes, waiting anxiously for me to finally let down my guard and sleep. 

My eyes were burning from the effort of staying awake as I saw the first rays of morning sun begin to lighten the drawn shades. Still I sat, listening to my breathing, feeling eyes on me, feeling an unnatural chill that probably wasn’t there. My mind was in overdrive, all the shadows and shades and sounds and terrors of the past years all latching on and dragging down my rational thoughts like a drowning man lashing out and pulling down his rescuer. 

 My head is more clear now and it is obvious that nothing happened last night. The moon was just a rock floating through space, orbiting our somewhat larger rock as a shadow passed across it’s glowing face. This action was merely common astrophysics and, in the light of a new day, it is clear to me that the eclipse had no greater significance to whatever malevolence is out there in the darkness than any other night, than any other moon. Our comings and goings matter not to these beings – I have felt the terrible indifference myself, carried on black leathery wings through eons of dream.     

I will try to sleep now, for a short time at least. I hope that I do not dream.