The Melancholy of Autumn

I’ve been wanting to post more, to keep up this blog as a document to the things that happen here, but it has been so difficult as the shadows grow longer and the nights grow darker…

Autumn in New England is a spectacular thing – it’s probably one of the most amazing places in the world at this time of year.  The trees explode with color and the air has a particular crispness that I don’t think anywhere else can match.  People come from all over the US, I’m told, to see the foliage and take day-trips through the forested areas looking at the changing colors.  It has a different affect on me, however – and not just because of the things I’ve seen, the madness that has become my life, but because I feel such an overwhelming sense of melancholy, a sense of impending doom as the trees shed their leaves and the bare fingers of branches scrape the grey sky.  Continue reading