An incident with a mousetrap…

As the scratching in the walls continues, I’ve been trying to set traps to catch the mice or rats that have invaded my home.  First, I tried those glue traps, the ones that stick to the mice and trap them.  All of those traps disappeared somehow – I have no idea where they went,  I assume mice or rats got stuck to them and dragged them off.  After that I bought some real traps, the metal spring kind.  I set a few with peanut butter as bait – mice love peanut butter right?  I set a few around the areas with the loudest scratching noises, and waited – I was assuming I would catch a few mice, confirm the infestation.   Continue reading


It is as if I am waking from a long and uncomfortable slumber full of half-known dreamscapes full of fragments of long lost knowledge.  I have been in a daze, I don’t know how long – I remember shadows, sounds, disorientation.  I remember sounds, too – normal, everyday sounds of traffic and conversation, but with a strange discordant piping under it, nearly imperceptible but always there, at the corners of the world.


“An Innocent Book”

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Something went wrong… Chad needs help

This is Wendy, Chad’s wife – something went wrong tonight. Chad was doing a ritual, from that terrible old book. He said he understood it now, that he could stop the bizarre things that have been going on around here. I didn’t really believe him, I can hardly believe anything that’s been going on around here, but I didn’t think anything could happen. I didn’t think it was real.

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More nighttime escalations, noises and shadows

I woke up in the middle of the night last night, hearing noises outside the bedroom.  It was mostly creaking noises, like someone walking heavily downstairs and up the stairs – our house is over 100 years old, so the wooden floors definitely creak here and there, and it’s especially common in the winter.

I had my Phone, which was in the charger by the nightstand, so I grabbed that and started recording video.  The quality isn’t great, since it was the middle of the night and wasn’t really well lit, but you can definitely hear the creaking of the floorboards.  I was standing totally still for most of it, and I’m the only person awake and moving about, so I don’t have any ready explanation for the floor creaking like it is.  You can even hear it get slowly louder as something climbs up the stairs.

I didn’t notice it when I was recording, or I probably would have freaked out, but if you watch the whole thing, as the creaking gets loudest towards the end of the video, you can see some sort of shadow that seems to be climbing the stairs.  Again, I’m alone there, standing still, my hands holding the phone, so I can’t explain what it is, I just know what I see, and what I felt…  a cold, creeping terror that kept me awake for the rest of the night.  A deep fear, knowing that there was something there, something dark and terrible and unexplained, and there was nothing I could do about it.  It’s a truly helpless feeling.

I need to get back into that book of spells and try to find a solution for this, before it gets worse.

More Night Terrors, Footprints in the Snow.

My life is so different from before all this started… I mean, that should be obvious to anyone who has been following all this from the beginning, but sometimes something will happen that still really shocks me.

I didn’t do my evening ritual again – well, I did half of it, but I didn’t finish it, I don’t even know why.  I just get complacent sometimes, to be honest – I still can’t believe this is all happening, it just doesn’t make sense.  So yes, I didn’t complete the protection ritual last night, and the dreams came, darker and more disturbing than ever.  I can’t make any sense of what I see, these terrifying images I can’t fully remember when I’m shaken to wakefulness, but I know there is a malevolence to them that reaches out beyond the veil of sleep.

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More History, More Magic

I finally got another letter from William, and it turns out that bizarre skull was from him – and I didn’t get him anything, now I feel bad.

So the skull is part of a ‘counter-spell’ (I never knew such a thing existed) to undo whatever the Azathoth spell did.  That will fix part of our problem, but it won’t fix the original issue; William doesn’t know how to fix that, but he’s sending me a book that my grandfather gave him – a book that should have the answers I need.  All I have to do is decipher it.

The letter has so much more information about my grandfather, I understand so much more now,and  more of the contents of my grandfather’s trunk make sense.  It’s hard to believe he was some kind of ‘monster hunter’ – or I guess what reality TV would call a ‘Paranormal investigator’ today.  It’s shocking to learn that he had this insane secret life, but knowing Grandpa Joe as I did, it does make sense that he would be helping people like this.  I wonder how many others he helped?  I wonder what other terrors he faced, after he had defeated his own demons.

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A scientific experiment with the mysterious Bhutan skull

I’ve been trying to figure out something – anything – about this strange skull I received in the mail, the package postmarked from Bhutan in S.E. Asia.  As I said initially, the skull seemed to be warm to the touch, above ambient or room temperature, even after being outside on the porch in near-freezing weather.  I wanted to try to measure that as ‘scientifically’  as possible (disclaimer, I am not a scientist, the closest I come to ‘science’ is watching MythBusters)  and I found a way to do it – I went to Home Depot and bought an infra-red thermometer, one that instantly reads the temperature of whatever you point it at.  It works well too, as you can see.  I measured room temperature, then the skull, and there was around a 10 degree difference – but then I decided to take it to the ‘next level’ as they say.

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